Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Once again a new direction for me.

After talking to a few blogger pals of mine I have decided to change the purpose of this blog. Not to say I won't still discuss things about great customers service and such, but I am going to take this blog in the genealogy direction. No one seems to be interested in sales, but I have grown a great passion for genealogy. I have always loved history, and now I am apply history to my family. So I will be posting information on here about my family history, and feel free to share information about your family as well. Maybe we have a connection we don't know about.

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Jamie Scott said...


I am looking for some more info about Jesse Chisholm's supposedly oldest child, Shawnee Chisholm is his name. I have no other information to go by and have found only one site that has Shawnee as his son. Shawnee would be my GG-Grandfather, his daughter, Lizzy Chisholm Brown was my G-Grandmother. If you may have found this name in you search I would greatly appreciate any information that you may have.

Thanks, Jamie Scott

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