Thursday, August 25, 2005


I just got home from a long night of work.

I don't see how some families do it. We have tried for the last nine months to live on one income. We did okay (meaning barely paying all bills, but we were paying them), until we decided to also start our own business. This has forced me to go back to work.

I'm working at night so we don't have to put our three children in day care. I'm tired! I'm not the only mother doing this either. Here is something for everyone to consider. The next time that you go shopping after work think about the mother behind the counter with a smile on her face after a long day of three children, still willing to drag her butt into work for low wages just to pay a few more bills.

She gets up at the crack of dawn to give her baby a bottle. Then crawls back in bed and prays that the three year old Hellion doesn't wake up too early so she can get some more sleep. Then it's up, breakfast for all and some computer time while the coffee kicks in. A little later is vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, laundry, dishes, and the other daily (and I do mean daily chores) around the house. Then at of about 10 or 11:00 it's some form of exercise (maybe the treadmill, crunches for the baby tummy still hanging on, work out routine, kick boxing, or what ever strikes her fancy). What ever she does she can't forget the exercise if she wants to stay healthy and look good. Then it's shower and get around for the day just before she starts lunch. After lunch it's time for some business (at least in my case), more laundry, water the lawn, and other odd projects. Now don't forget in the middle of all that she has to do she is also changing diapers, giving bottles, breaking up arguments and kissing boo boo's. Then she might have a little more time for something she enjoys. By 3:30 or 4:00 it's time to start dinner, so she has enough time to eat before going to work. By 5:00 or 6:00 she's at work until when ever they let her go. Now tell me your day behind a desk, in construction, teaching, fixing cars, delivering, whatever it is you do, was worth giving that mother a hard time or even not simply returning her courteous and friendly "Hello" tonight.

I am going to say this once and for all. Cashiers don't get paid enough to put up with the crap we deal with from people! And these stores wonder why they have such high turn over in cashiers? Shees you think it's because we don't like being the door mate for everyone?!

So the next time a cashier says "Hello. How are you doing tonight?" Try (reach deep down if you need to) and say "Hello" or maybe tell her you're doing great, or not great. But talk to her. Let her know you don't think she is a servant you can shit on. You'll make her day, and I'm sure she will go the extra mile to make your day as well.

Oh, and one more pet peeve. If the place you are shopping at has an express lane, please learn to count. Not only is it rude to the person behind you, but express lanes don't always have enough counter space for a bunch of crap.

Okay I'm cranky and tired. I guess I have said enough, so I will call it a night.


someone named Dave said...

Hiya amy...oh yeah, and don't forget to smile, while you're ringing up purchases, because the boss might be watching and if you don't smile enough, you could get written up for that! A checker at Safeway told me the bosses actually DID that to her. Oh yeah, and you never know who's a "secret shopper" either. You cashier ladies work hard and are unappreciated. I'm just sad you have to work at Wal-mart. They'll ride a good horse to death, that company. Hopefully you can find some little Mom and Pop operation that would appreciate you, because Wal-Mart doesn't appreciate ANYBODY. But I suppose you've already found that out. Good luck in the workforce!

Mike said...


Thanks for a great blog post and a great reminder of how much all Moms do, most especially those who work outside the home. You are all angels - every one of you, and though it's hard to see now, your kids will know what you did to sacrifice for them and they will "pay it forward" - they really will.


Mike Kennedy

amyrebba said...

Thanks Mike and Dave. Don't worry about me Dave this is just temporary. I'm on the waiting list for UPS. Hopefully they will call soon. Mike I know they do appreciate me. My eight year old helps out more with out complaining the last couple weeks because he can see I need it.

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