Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's not always bad

Okay enough ranting about my lousy job. It does have it's perks. Tonight was one of them. As a former Californian it's nice to find someone else that is, but who also appreciates the beauty of this region and brings something to it.

It was near the end of my shift, and this family walks up to my express lane because for some silly reasons all the other big registers were closed. They have a couple over flowing baskets and I was wondering how I was going to do this (express has very little counter space) with out looking like a slow bumbling fool. But get this, they pitch in and help bag and loud the carts. We talked a joked while I helped them for a good fifteen minutes I'd say.

Turns out they are from Monterey, CA. They hope to open a jewelry shop here in the area soon, but for now they go to the fairs and all. They chose this area because of the beauty of the scenery, and because of well all the reasons to leave California, need I say more. Exactly all the reasons I moved up here.

My shift ended late because of the great company I ended with, but it was worth it. On a few occasions now I have ran into people that I could help their business or could become potential customers for our business, and that almost makes it worth being a lousy cashier.

As I was leaving I regretted the fact that I didn't get their business card, or give them mine. But he did tell me to look for them at "Pig out in the Park" this weekend or at the Spokane county fair ground. So if anyone goes to either of these events and sees a nice family from Monterey, CA selling jewelry (charm bracelets I remember) let me know or tell them to visit this blog. I'm sure he will be looking to create some contact in the area for his business, and I just might be able to help.

Good night it's time to crash.


Bre said...

Poor Amy, your geneology blog is now turning into the crappy world or Wal-Mart blog. I used to work at Wal-Mart in Moscow and I feel your pain! Because Wal-Mart has everything for everyone you get such a wide range of personality types in there, the good and the bad. Glad to hear you had some good last night. (by the way I like reading your stories, so please don't feel like my comment about your blog being a Wal-Mart blog is a negative thing)

amyrebba said...

LOL thanks bre and I hope to see you back more. I've got the next four days off, so I plan to do some more genealogy. Stay tuned

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